3 Money-Saving Tips on Car Rentals in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Winter is coming and for many commuters and travelers in the UAE, that means negotiating their car rental contracts, now that many are back from the refreshing Eid holiday. From loyalty programs to selecting the best pick-up location, there are a number of ways you can save money on your next rent a car.

Follow these three money-saving tips to get a better deal rent a car abu dhabi

Become a Loyal Customer

If you haven’t been renting a car from a particular dealer long enough and oral promises don’t work, try prepaying an additional sum to show your inclination of becoming a long-term client. Chances are that you could qualify for a loyal customer program. If however you have been renting a car from a company since 6 months or more, you could be in a position to receive discounts or free upgrades.

Zero-down on your Requirements

Determine ahead of time what ‘extras’ you may need and consider the costs so that they fit within your budget. Items to consider:

  • Car Size: Consider the size of the car you are renting. Do you really need that SUV if it’s just you and another partner traveling?
  • Insurance: Contact your travel insurance and credit card company to see if you already have enough coverage. Thirdly, look at available insurance options with the car rental provider. While insurance cover might be essential, you might not need the pricey full insurance option.
  • Mileage limit: Consider the distance you’d be driving every week and opt for a small mileage package if you need to move about short distances in Abu Dhabi. Be sure to check how much you’d be paying for the extra miles should the need arise.

Skip Renting from the Airport or Hotel

Ignore the car rental kiosks at the airport terminal or your hotel. You’ll surely be able to get a much more cost-effective deal if you Google “car rental companies in Abu Dhabi” from the airport or the country you’re traveling from before reaching Abu Dhabi. Try OneClickDrive.com to ease your search, communicate with the car rental dealers directly and have the car delivered straight to you at the airport arrival terminal.

For more information, visit OneClickDrive.com

International Tour And Travels

Samaara International Tours And Travels, an IATA approved Company was established in 1999 as full fledged service outbound Hospitality and Destination Management Company, Dealing in Domestic/International Tours & Ticketing. With the experience of handling dealer Meets, Group Incentive Tours, and the most important inheritance of CUSTOMER CENTRIC ATTITUDE Travel and Tourism Product Marketing was a judicious diversification to leverage the core competencies of the group. We, SAMAARA INTERNATIONAL TOURS & Travels take pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the most reliable & efficient Travel Agents in DELHI India. We are professionally organized Tour Operators in India, having dedicated and highly experienced professionals from the travel industry to cater to the travel needs of clients Visiting places across the world.

After successfully distributing travel products to trade channel i.e. travel agents as bulk seller for the past years and gathering in-depth expertise on FAR EAST destinations we diversified into the Business Travel market to cater to our corporate clients.

Despite the fact that technology and internet has increased the awareness of products we feel that the role of travel agent has become more important, contrary to the belief that internet is an alternative solution. WHY SAMAARA INTL

Taking care Business take a lots of energy and when your business takes you traveling, a good travel company can make things easier and more cost effective. We aim to serve discerning travelers who are looking for travel services tailored to meet their needs, delivered with the highest quality service. With our experience, knowledge and creativity, we customize our services according to your needs. Every tour is designed keeping your interest, time & budge into account.

At SAMAARA INTERNATIONAL TOURS & TRAVEL we work as partners, helping your company to move ahead by letting your key people to what they do best.

Since Travel and Entertainment represents the third largest controllable cost of doing business. We understand that providing the best value for your travel is one of our most important responsibilities.

SAMAARA INTERNATIONAL TOURS & TRAVELS have invested more in people and trained them to focus on the needs and requirement of the corporate, which only the human involvement can achieve-remember that at end of the road it is hospitability industry. Experienced agents are always at hand to provide with the required inputs.

The objective is to meet and exceed the Services VISA at the end to end pampering needs of Channel Partners and equally focusing to project policies of corporate being presented positively. To ensure the perceptive value of Incentive Travel is much higher.

How to Spend Your Summer in Canada

If all that you know about Canada is that it can get really cold there during winter, or if your only mental picture of the country is that of a land covered with snow, then your knowledge of Canada is lacking. If you are interested in visiting the country, you should know that its summers can get just as hot and humid as those in the United States. Temperatures in parts of southern British Colombia (which usually has the hottest spots in the country) often get up to 35 degrees Celsius in the summer. That means that Canadian summers can be hot enough that you would want to stay at a beach and relax with a cold drink.

With this in mind, one can easily see how enjoyable spending the summer in Canada can be. There are so many things that can be done and so many places to see. Besides, summer is probably a better time of the year for older people than winter. Super Visa holders (this type of visa is only offered to parents and grandparents of permanent Canadian residents and citizens) will of course want to avoid submitting claims on their Super Visa insurance due to illness caused by the cold weather. Many people tend to get sick in the fall and winter, especially if they are not used to cold weather.

Here are just three fun things you can do in Canada during the summer:

  • Go to a river or lake or an ocean beach.

Canada has so many lakes and rivers, not to mention really beautiful beaches along the coasts of British Colombia, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. If you are looking for a white sand beach, Tribune Bay on Hornby Island along the BC coast is the place to go. Beach bums who are fond of making sandcastles and all kinds of giant sand figures will love Devonshire Beach on Lesser Slave Lake in northern Alberta. Annual sand castle building contests are commonly held here. You can also go kayaking along the coast of Prince Edward Island or on Gabriola Island in BC. Tourists have literally thousands of beaches across the country to choose from.

  • Get close to the wildlife.

There are two ways for people to get close to the wildlife in Canada. They can either go to the natural habitat of the animals they would like to see, or visit these animals in park reserves, zoos, and the like. The Vancouver Aquarium, for instance, is an awesome, family-friendly place where you can learn many things about sea lions and otters while watching the animals play in their pools. Along the northern coast of BC in towns such as Prince Rupert or Bella Coola, you can take a boat tours to view grizzly bears in their natural habitat feeding on salmon.

  • Go on outdoor adventures.

Take advantage of the warm weather, go for that long hike and get to know the Canadian outdoors. For example, the West Coast Trail is a six-day hike along the rugged Pacific Coast of Vancouver Island. You could also explore the trails that run through the Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, which is a UNESCO-designated world heritage site.

About Sahara Excursion Morocco

It is situated in Northern-Africa and just a short distance from Southern Spain. Rabat is the capital of Morocco, which is a historical place. This place is a charming and exciting place to visit because it’s a desert tourist spot. Here we can behold the mix of African, Mediterranean, Christian, Islamic traditions with architecture, language, art and cuisine of Morocco. The inhabitant of Morocco is very friendly and welcoming by tradition. They are mainly Arabs and Berbers. Here local language is Berber language, but in the tourist spots, visitors use English language mostly.

Why do people like to visit Morocco?

Get experience of visiting Morocco in 10 days which will be a Grand Morocco Tour for your life. You may tour the modern and old majestic cities of Fes, Marrakech, Casablanca, Meknes and also touch & feel by your own – the palm oasis, valleys etc. Its most attracting place is the Sahara desert. It is a World’s biggest desert. So enjoy the desert place with camel ride. Definitely you may appreciate when you hold at night under the starry sky Nomad tent. You will get motivated by the ancient landmark & places of Morocco, long miles of coastline, marvelous beaches, charming city of Agadir and enchanting fishing spot of Essaouira.

When you visit the Morocco, you can stay in the Hotel or Riad nearby Casablanca (Rabat). Casablanca is a most popular city in Morocco. Here the famous places are United Nations Building, Avenue Mohamed V, the ANFA district, and marvelous mosque of Hassan-2.

Festivals are also another part the culture of Morocco. The festivals are World Music Festival, Festival of Asilah, Fantasias festival, World Sacred Music Festival. When you will join the festival you must feel like landing on a magical place.

If you like to know more about the Morocco culture, you may visit the museums. Museums are putting up a lot of data on the history of Morocco. Name of museums are The Oudaya museum in Rabat, the Batha museum in Fez, the Dar el Jami museum in Meknes, the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah museum in Essaouira and the Dar Si Said museum in Marrakech.
Few words about our site

If you want to visit Morocco and desire Morocco’s culture, history and want to enjoy the biggest desert place, so why are you worried. You at Your Morocco Tour welcome your tour to Morocco and ready to help you in organizing a safer and luxurious tour for you. Just give us a call to discuss your trip.

Cheap Hotels in Canada-Canada Cheap Hotels

Cheap Canada hotels are well designed and equipped to ensure that the business as well as leisure travelers prefer to stay and enjoy their trip to Canada. Notwithstanding, cheap hotels in Canada offer special rooms for physically challenged people so that there are no problems for such people. In addition to providing excellent accommodation facilities, cheap hotels in Canada offer ideal ambience and high standard of hospitality.

Tourists traveling to Canada can opt from plenty of options in terms of accommodation facilities in the country. Accommodation facilities in Canada are considered one of the best in North America; whereas cheap hotels in Canada are comfortable, these hotels are affordable at the same time. The high standard services offered by various hotels in Canada ensure that travelers have an unforgettable holiday experience in Canada.

Cheap hotels in Canada are known for their higher standard of hospitality and perfect ambience. Canada cheap hotels provide a friendly ambience to travelers so that they can enjoy the travel and revisit Canada. Hotels in Canada hire professionals who help in the delivery of seamless services in hospitality and accommodation. Notwithstanding, cheap hotels in Canada provide advance reservations for room bookings and many of them are opened for online booking.

Room facilities are available round the clock in Canada. Cheap hotels in Canada offer excellent range of accommodation services to travelers who flock in large numbers to various cities. Additionally, cheap hotels in Canada have well-furnished rooms. In addition to well-furnished rooms, cheap hotels in Canada have Big screen TV’s, Video’s and Stereo CD’s – a full enjoyment package. All the rooms in Canada cheap hotels are fitted with air conditioners so that there is no complain.

Some Major Cheap Hotels in Canada

Cheap hotels in Canada possess facilities such as microwave, stove, dishwasher, and large refrigerator with icemaker, waste-disposal and a wide variety of utensils amongst others. Weather condition in Canada is conducive for travel and tourism. Ice skating is a popular sport during winters in Canada. As Canada has an extensive coastline on its north, east, and west, there are some beautiful beaches which attract travelers from around the world.

Canada is considered a leading producer of dairy products. Additionally, because of its vast size, Canada has more lakes than any other country, containing much of the world’s fresh water. Fresh-water glaciers in the Canadian Rockies and the Coast Mountains make it one the loveliest place to live in. Being an advanced industrial nation, research plays a key role for economic development of Canada. Additionally, Canada’s high-quality scientific and technological development is renowned throughout the world.

A number of tourist destinations in Canada including of Barrie, Collingwood, Hamilton, Huntsville, Kitchener, London, Mississauga, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Owen Sound, Sarnia, Toronto, Windsor, etc. have a number of cheap hotels. Known for offering extensive range of standard accommodation facilities, cheap hotels in Canada are ranked for hygiene and hospitality. Notwithstanding, cheap hotels in Canada not only provide attractive and accommodation stay, the stay is pleasing and economic.

Alister Mackenzie’s Glorious Old Beauty, Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica, CA

In the sweet seaside community of Pacifica about 15 minutes from San Francisco, Sharp Park Golf Course is a classic track that Alister MacKenzie designed during the same era as he created his more world-famous courses in Northern California–Cypress Point, the Claremont Country Club, Pasatiempo and others. Sharp Park was also landscaped by another icon, John McLaren, who created Golden Gate Park. Supervising the planting of literally millions of trees in San Francisco and environs in his heyday of the late 1800s, McLaren also facilitated the planting of 100,000 trees in and around Sharp Park; today, as lush and as darkly romantic as ever, battalions of mature Monterey cypress and pines line the fairways, making this one of California’s most beautiful muni courses.

The easily walkable 6,299-yard course has the same Pacific Ocean views as when it opened in 1931. Generously wide fairways are watered by the Laguna Salada, a marshy lake inhabited by gangs of birds and waterfowl. Greens are in pretty darned good shape for a muni, with just a few that have some fungus around the edges. Plenty of moisture in the sea air translates into a lush world of emerald green.

MacKenzie’s only public seaside links, Sharp Park is beloved by Bay Area locals who enjoy the low weekday greens fees and the top-notch food in the cozy bar and casual clubhouse restaurant–– fresh local seafood is always on the menu. Decorated with vivid Depression-era paintings and beamed ceilings, the Spanish hacienda-style clubhouse was a WPA construction project. Adding to the vintage feel are the funky power carts without windshields, and an old-fashioned starter’s booth and tiny pro shop.

Golfers’ Weekend Getaway, Pacifica

After their rounds, golfers and weekenders head into the little town of Pacifica for good food and fun. My fav new place is Puerto 27 Peruvian Kitchen & Pisco Bar, a popular, rambling, ocean view bar and restaurant serving great food and creative cocktails (the restaurant is adjacent to Pacifica Beach Hotel, one of the best hostelries in town, across from a nice beach and the waterfront walking path).

At the foot of town at Rockaway Beach, Dungeness crab and a dance floor have been big attractions at Nick’s Seafood Restaurant for 90 years; also here, the Sea Breeze Motel is an affordable place to stay.
A few steps away are the Best Western Plus Lighthouse Hotel
and the Pacifica Motor Inn.

A Grape in the Fog is a café and late-night gathering spot for wine, small plates and live music, while Lovey’s Tea Shoppe attracts lovers of the traditional English tea ritual, complete with tier upon tier of fabulous homemade treats and a wide variety of fresh, gourmet teas.

Eco vs. Muni

Sharp Park Golf Course has been the focus of a several-years-long political and legal tug-of-war between those who wish to retain the course for public recreation and for its historical value, and environmental groups who would do away with the golf course in order to establish a wildlife sanctuary (which, in fact, already exists here). Although an extensive renovation/restoration endeavor is in the works, the fate of Sharp Park continues to be uncertain.

Why You Should Consider Renting Villas in Paphos

If you are among the many people in search of luxury villas for rent in Paphos Cyprus either for holiday or a vacation, then be glad you are in the right place to acquire one. Paphos has been providing quality and well conditioned villas in Paphos which are not only entertaining but also cheap to live in.

Our villas in Paphos clearly provide you the best view ever of the surrounding historical sites since they are situated at few meters on the outskirts of the resort. You can clearly feel the cool breeze from the nearby ocean which is just a few minutes  drive away. Let us give you a chance to make your dreams into reality by visiting our luxurious, relaxing and pleasurable villas for rent in Paphos. Book an affordable beautiful Cyprus villa directly from us without the hassles of going through agents and other charges commissioned by unscrupulous companies.

Paphos Villas are a top accommodation site with so many positive reviews from previous customers. With the best managers, you can never encounter a single problem throughout your stay here in any of the villas in Paphos. All rising issues are addressed to accordingly and in a cohesive way. This way we have managed to meet the highest standards required by our guests. Other than offering you villas in Paphos, we could also organize the best transport to deliver you right to your accommodation. We may also organize how to collect or return you car at the airport.

Fancy an unforgettable holiday anytime you visit Cyprus in our handpicked villas aimed just to provide you with an experience of a lifetime. You can choose from the numerous numbers of villas for rent in Paphos at your disposal and pick one that suits your personality and taste. They are all offered at a price friendly to your pocket thus you won’t have to strain so much raising the rent. The best thing about our villas for rent in Paphos is that they are handpicked, luxurious classy and contain some of the features you only find at cozy homes. You will get pools and other personal effects just to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your stay at a Paphos villa. There are also availability of free child spaces and playgrounds where the whole family can have fun.

We provide you with very many options when it comes to room sizes and bedroom numbers. Consider picking villas in Paphos that can contain each and everyone you are with without compromising anyone’s security or comfort. We will supply you with a large and well equipped kitchen and you can inquire from the management in case you require anything extra. Make sure you always book villas in advance and notify us on your arrival date so as to avoid any inconveniences or missed opportunities.

Finally, Paphos villa is not just a business oriented accommodation service, but a friendly and a lively place to be in, make friends and have fun throughout. Consider placing your order today and you can be sure to get the best of services.

Get a Comfortable Velo Taxi Services

The Velo Taxi stands as a symbol of sorts to life in a city. Movies and television shows depict city residents and visitors standing on street curbs hailing down the vehicles. Therefore when people visit cities, they have come to expect the cabs that they see driving the streets of the city to be Taxi and might be taken aback if the vehicles are any other insignia. Transport system covers a major part of our life. Without the transport system, the city life would have come to a standstill. There are many types of transport system all over the world like trams, trains, cars, cabs, hired cars, personal cars, commercial cars, airplanes, ships, submarines etc. Some are open to the public for general transportation; others are not and are reserved for some special purposes. One of the most used public transport systems is taxis or cabs, and indeed they hold a special place in our lives, and are particularly important if you happen to land in an unknown position.
The Velo Shuttle, fondly known as ride by the local residents is one such cab hiring service that truly justifies your money’s worth. It is truly dedicated to providing excellent taxi services throughout the city and around, with their variety of comfortable and luxury services provided. City cab can be booked easily that are accessible at reasonably priced rentals offering you attractive discounts from time to time. For example you will enjoy attractive discounts if you desire to spend your holiday on extended weekend. If you want to rent a taxi in the city for your whole vacation, the rental companies will check your credentials such as passport or driving license, after identity justification you will be handed over the keys of the car you have selected for a necessary period of time. You will be given a driver who is well insured and have a valid license bearer.
In addition to the Philly Pedi Cab being an icon of sorts of life in a city, these vehicles are also very much the support system of transportation in cities. Very few residents of cities own their own vehicles for many reasons. Taxi services are a comfortable means of commuting to locations within the city. Unlike the public transport service there is no need for you to wait in a queue to board it. You can avoid busy streets, heavy traffic routes and reach your destination on time. When you want to travel to many locations inside the city on the same day, hiring a taxi service for the entire day is economical and convenient. They employ professional drivers who know the various routes and hence will take the shortest path to the destination. Philadelphia pedicab services are the best option when you want to travel for business meetings and conferences. They enable you to reach the venue on time and without any fatigue. As a result your business trip becomes more comfortable and with hassle free commuting you can look into matters that need your attention.

Scotland Is in My Heart

My family own a a small number of wonderful little lodges in Scotland.. It’s really great to get out to them as much as possible, the walks round the local area really are a real challenge. This can be something I’ve been doing regularly for quite some time.

Many people enjoy walking inside the hills and countryside too and most people have their own personal reasons behind doing so. I’m a walker and also the lodges are only a stopping point; but it really is my own personal feeling that most people don’t fully appreciate what it is truly about. The amount of people who I meet just who have everything nevertheless the kitchen sink attached to their back appears to growing every year; they are often surprised at the lack of equipment i have and seem to think that I’m the amateur.

I think people who go walking now and then have a tendency to over complicate things. Walking might be about simply enjoy nature or it can be about getting back in touch with the inner self that yearns being at one with nature again. In the event you decided to vacation with me to my lodges in Scotland with the intention of walking and you take everything nevertheless the kitchen sink – i quickly think you don’t have the full advantage of why you are doing the work and I’d like to show you my methods.

You will find people like Bear Gryllis and Ray Mears who I really admire for survival skills. I really admire these folks for having these skills and I too happen to be trying to kindle this for several years now.. There is a thing indescribably soul fulfilling about having the ability to cook your personal food outdoors and acquire away from the luxury in our lodges in Scotland towards the highlands of Scotland or beyond and turn into under the stars in the make shift accommodation.

Here are some words of wisdom, you only grow whenever you push yourself. Push your safe place on a daily basis and life will reward you tenfold. I do this as often as possible and i also love it when life challenges me back. This is what I tell myself as much as I can when I go to my comfortable lodge in Scotland each year – I usually push the boundary on my walks and I’ll explain relating to this next.

It’s one thing being able to choose a challenging walk but try choosing other challenging tasks too. Having the ability to overcome adversity in fairly safe surroundings such as the local hills prepares you for the bigger challenges from the larger highlands and mountains. It is a life changing experience to trap and cook your own food, I realize some people could never do this. All of this will get you prepared for life itself, actually no, it really is LIFE ITSELF. Life is exactly what you make it and if you decide that everyday life involves challenging your survival skills on view countryside will be the thing to suit your needs then this will end up your life; anything else will be easy.

Try to pick out a walk or trip that challenges you merely beyond your rut; perhaps one which will involve a steep climb or stay out under the stars out of the luxury of a lodge or cabin. Scotland is a great location for this as well as the lodges in Scotland that our family own are based in Perthshire which is perfect for all types of terrain and challenges.

When I was in the army I was always told to keep in mind the 7 P’s. Prior preparation prevents p*ss poor performance (excuse the word what). It’s so true. Stay safe, be wise, policy for the best but prepare for the worst.

Online reservation of hotels in Canada

Located in the northern part of America, Canada is a popular tourist destination. The growth and development of Canada tourism can be attributed to the hotels in Canada which are known for their higher standard of hospitality service. Various Canada hotels provide a friendly ambiance to travelers so that travelers can enjoy seamless services provided round the clock. Strategically located hotels in Canada are known for offering all sorts of accommodation facilities to travelers.

Niagara Falls in the City of Ontario is a popular tourist attraction which according to some estimates attracts nearly 12 million visitors every year. Considered to be one of the most famous in the United States as well, Niagara is surrounded by a number of hotels in Canada which offer comprehensive range of accommodation facilities to travelers. Additionally, various hotels in Canada not only offer accommodation facilities at affordable tariff but also are considered amongst the best hotels.

In the era of internet, various hotels in Canada provide facility to do online reservation of hotels in Canada. All major hotels in Canada have well-appointed meeting rooms which not only accommodate any number of guests at one time; they also are able to facilitate gatherings and conferences. Travelers traveling to Canada have plenty of choices in terms of accommodation facilities in Canada and various cities in it.

Canada hotels reservation is easy and user friendly. Additionally, hotels in Canada are linked with each other and various travel agencies so that there is no issue regarding their availability. The accommodation in Canada hotels is not only comfortable but affordable also. In order to fascinate travelers from around the world, Canada hotels ensure that travelers have an unforgettable holiday experience in the country.

Canada hotels provide advance hotel reservations in Canada so that travelers do not face problem booking their hotel on their requirement. Additionally, with online hotel booking now travelers can book their hotel room instantly and enjoy a range of services offered by various hotels. A number of Canada hotels offer discounts depending upon the time of a year. In order to accommodate handicapped travelers, hotels in Canada provide special rooms.

Also known as Old Port, Vieux Port is a popular tourist attraction in Canada. Although, the riverfront is completely separate from the nearby Port of Montreal, it has its own distinct and attractive allure which attracts travelers from around the world. Stanley Park on the other hand is spread in more than 1,000 acre in the city limits of Vancouver. Wild animals such as cedars, hemlocks, and many others are common spotting of the park.

Honolulu 2014: Foodies travel guide to the best burgers

If you are planning your first trip to Honolulu, you may of taken the time to research the location a bit? If you didn’t, here’s the skinny on the tantalizing local food options to enjoy.

If you enjoy seafood you will find the freshest on the planet. It couldn’t be fresher if you caught it yourself. Fresh luscious fruit and produce grown locally and served up from the farm to the table.

After a few days of healthy wholesome eating, it’s time to sink your teeth into something hot and super meaty, the ultimate All American comfort food, a monster cheeseburger.

The featured cheeseburgers come in three sizes, large, extra-large and nearly competitive eating size. In no particular order, check out these meaty delights.

Big City Diner, with several locations around Honolulu, offers a spicy Korean Kimchee burger, served with the restaurant’s signature “Grandma’s Famous” Kimchee fried rice. You can literally walk up to any local on the island and ask, where can I find the best Kimchee fried rice? Big City Diner, every time.(Casual Attire.)

The Plumeria Beach House restaurant at the lavish Kahala Resort in Honolulu, offers a signature Kahala Burger. The cheeseburger is masterpiece of ground black angus chuck, topped with a fried egg, white cheddar cheese, chunky avocado guacamole, bacon, shaved onions, all propped on a sesame bun, served with smoked paprika seasoned fries.

Once you try the Kahala Burger you will crave it again! Be prepared to make a second visit for a second-round before you depart from the island. (Stylish island attire.)

Stage Restaurant is atop the Honolulu Design Center, offers a decadent mushroom, bacon, cheddar burger. The burger is made with certified angus beef, sautéed mushrooms, crispy Maui onion “rings”, bacon, swiss & cheddar cheeses on a house made bun with black pepper aioli. The Stage Burger is big, hearty and so delicious, right down to the last bite. (Stylish island attire.)

Teddy’s Bigger Burger, with several locations around the island, is the primo go big or go home, cheeseburger in paradise. The cover photo of the article features Teddy’s Tokyo Tower Burger. This behemoth of a burger is a “Man VS Food” worthy tower of beef, cheeses, battered onion rings, bacon, slabs of avocado slices, chucks of bleu cheese and all of the usual fixings. Teddy’s Tokyo Tower Burger is for a Godzilla size appetite.(Casual Attire.)