3 Money-Saving Tips on Car Rentals in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Winter is coming and for many commuters and travelers in the UAE, that means negotiating their car rental contracts, now that many are back from the refreshing Eid holiday. From loyalty programs to selecting the best pick-up location, there are a number of ways you can save money on your next rent a car.

Follow these three money-saving tips to get a better deal rent a car abu dhabi

Become a Loyal Customer

If you haven’t been renting a car from a particular dealer long enough and oral promises don’t work, try prepaying an additional sum to show your inclination of becoming a long-term client. Chances are that you could qualify for a loyal customer program. If however you have been renting a car from a company since 6 months or more, you could be in a position to receive discounts or free upgrades.

Zero-down on your Requirements

Determine ahead of time what ‘extras’ you may need and consider the costs so that they fit within your budget. Items to consider:

  • Car Size: Consider the size of the car you are renting. Do you really need that SUV if it’s just you and another partner traveling?
  • Insurance: Contact your travel insurance and credit card company to see if you already have enough coverage. Thirdly, look at available insurance options with the car rental provider. While insurance cover might be essential, you might not need the pricey full insurance option.
  • Mileage limit: Consider the distance you’d be driving every week and opt for a small mileage package if you need to move about short distances in Abu Dhabi. Be sure to check how much you’d be paying for the extra miles should the need arise.

Skip Renting from the Airport or Hotel

Ignore the car rental kiosks at the airport terminal or your hotel. You’ll surely be able to get a much more cost-effective deal if you Google “car rental companies in Abu Dhabi” from the airport or the country you’re traveling from before reaching Abu Dhabi. Try OneClickDrive.com to ease your search, communicate with the car rental dealers directly and have the car delivered straight to you at the airport arrival terminal.

For more information, visit OneClickDrive.com

Disney announces 24-hour all-night 'Disney Side Party' for Memorial Day weekend

It was very successful in each of the last two years so Disney has decided to do it all again. As per Doctor Disney on Feb. 28, 2014, Disney has announced another 24-hour, all-night event for both the Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort for a coast-to-coast event.

Disney revealed a pic on Friday morning that showed the “ultimate tweet” that was a giant hashtag made up of 140 awesome characters. It was to officially announce the “Rock Your Disney Side Party” that will take place in both parks and last a full 24-hours.

Beginning at 6:00 a.m. on May 23, 2014, the event will officially get underway. It will then end at 6:00 a.m. on May 24, 2014. Disney says the two theme parks will be “filled with Disney heroes and villains” during the whole time of the event.

Two years ago, the event was listed as “One More Disney Day” and was a 24-hour event that took place on Leap Day.

In 2013, the event kicked off the “Monstrous Summer” with another 24-hour day that coincided with the upcoming release of the new Pixar film, “Monsters University.”

Now, the company wants guests to show their #DisneySide and come dressed in costume to celebrate the good vs. evil, hero vs. villain theme that will take over Magic Kingdom and Disneyland. It’s going to bring about special treats, rare characters, and awesome events.

Making it even better is that this event will happen at the same time as the second weekend of Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Park and cruise made easy at the Port of Los Angeles

Imagine you’re taking a cruise out of Los Angeles, and you don’t want to fly to catch your ship. You plan to drive. But where can you leave your car for a week or more?

No worries. It’s smooth sailing when you stay, play and stow your wheels at the Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Harbor Hotel. We did, and we’re ready to do it all over again.

Just to be clear, the cruise port of Los Angeles is actually located in San Pedro. So if you’re looking for a convenient hotel close to your ship, San Pedro is the only way to go.

The hotel

The Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Harbor Hotel is mere blocks from San Pedro’s cruise terminal, a.k.a. the Port of Los Angeles. You could walk to your ship if you didn’t have your cruise gear in tow. Fortunately, the Crowne Plaza has a free shuttle to transport you and your bags to the pier in time for boarding. When you return from your cruise, simply call the hotel. They’ll come pick you up.

We loved all the little extras at the Crowne Plaza. Upon arrival (after our long drive), we were greeted at reception with freshly baked cookies and chilled, citrus-flavored water. Another time, we discovered a bowl of apples at the front desk.

Our room was decorated with photos of the harbor. We could open our window for fresh sea air. And, we had the necessities—a coffee maker, flat screen TV and free Wi-Fi. The only things missing were a fridge and an in-room safe.

In the afternoon, we decided to check out the rooftop’s jetted tub and heated swimming pool. The pool, to our surprise, was bath-warm in January; ideal for a bit of pre-cruise R&R. Of course, the hotel also has a gym.

If you want to venture out of the Crowne Plaza, San Pedro’s museums and restaurants are within easy walking distance.

Park and sail

As we discovered, cruising out of L.A. couldn’t be easier when you can park your car for a week, or even two weeks, as part of a package. The Crowne Plaza’s parking is underground, well lit and, best of all, it’s covered from the elements. An elevator from the garage leads right up to the hotel lobby for easy loading and unloading of luggage.

Here’s the deal: The Crowne Plaza’s “Park and Sail” package includes welcome house drinks for two, a full breakfast buffet for two, your room and valet parking for up to 15 days. The price of a double room (from $189 plus tax on the web for March) includes shuttle service for you and your luggage to the pier on embarkation day and back to the hotel (to retrieve your car or stay another night) upon your return.

If you prefer, you may be able to park yourself and take your car keys with you. Inquire at the front desk when you check in. You’ll receive a paper noting your return date to place on your dash while you’re away.

For more information, contact the Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Harbor Hotel at 310-519-8200 or 800-972-2576. The hotel in conveniently located at 601 S. Palos Verdes Street in San Pedro, California.

America's Mardi Gras Mother – Mobile, Alabama

Long before Carnivale was celebrated in Rio de Janeiro or the first bead was thrown in New Orleans, Mobile, Alabama was the capital of French Louisiana (founded 1702) and they celebrated their first Mardi Gras (French for fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday and the begining of the Lenten season) in 1703. The Boeuf Gras (beef/ox fat) society, formed in 1711, was their first mystic society.

In the first century of Mardi Gras in the Americas the celebrations were social gatherings and masquerade balls that centered around the eating of fatty and sugary foods prior to the deprivations of Lent. In 1830 the Cowbellion de Rakin Society held America’s first Mardi Gras Parade with marchers carrying rakes, hoes, and cow bells. In 1840 the Cowbellions added floats pulled by horses to the parade. In 1856 New Orleans first crew, The Mystick Krewe of Comus, formed with former Cowbellions who had relocated to New Orleans.

Mardi Gras continues to be celebrated in Mobile with preparation and festivities begining around Thanksgiving and continuing until Mardi Gras evening.

In Mobile the major parades usually roll on parade route A and line up along side the Mobile Civic Center. For those who want to attend the parade, wave at their family and friends and then go home early, catching the parade along church street as it rolls past is your best bet. For those who plan on making an evening of it, there are hotels, restaurants, and bars along the next leg of the route on North Royal Street and cars park on the Water Street median a block away with police directing traffic and keeping things orderly along the way.

The west end of the parade route is defined by Spring Hill Avenue on the north and Canal Street on the south. North Washington marks its east side and North/South Broad is the west. There are some great places to chill and wait for the parade, such as Moe’s Original Bar B Que on Spring Hill Avenue across from the Central Fire Department.

For the diehard parade lover the place to watch the parade is along Government Street between North Claiborne Street and North Washington Street. The parades hit this stretch about halfway through their route before turning onto North Washington and then the parade returns to roll through this stretch again before turning down Claiborne and returning to the Civic Center. This is a great spot to watch if you have friends and family in the parade as you see the floats on both sides for photo opportunities. It is also a great spot for collectors of throws as it gets hit twice and the second time around they are clearing out what they have left.

Often the riders will hang onto special items and tease the crowd along the way with the big, stuffed animals and other prized items. You can expect to see these flying towards the end on Government and Claiborne streets.

While Mardi Gras in Mobile is not a dry (alcohol free) party, it is very family oriented and doesn’t have the extreme party atmosphere that many associate with Mardi Gras in New Orleans. So if you always wanted to go to Mardi Gras but were afraid of the excesses you hear about in New Orleans, check out America’s Mardi Gras Mother in Mobile, Alabama.

Disney's All-Night Extravaganza kicks off with 140 Disney character tweet

Disney tweeted Friday morning, that the upcoming All-Night Extravaganza is geared for this Memorial Day Weekend on both coasts at Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida. To kick the excitement into high gear, Disney had 140 of our favorite Disney characters form the shape of a hashtag, the symbol that Twitter users mark key words.

This year Disney’s slogan is to spend more time with family and friends by showing their “Disney Side” and to “Rock Your Disney Side” by kicking off the summer with 24-hours at the park before the busy summer season begins. Disney fans are encouraged to dress as their favorite Disney hero or villain when they attend the All-Night Extravaganza, which will fill the parks at 6 am on May 23 to 6 am May 24, 2014. For more information check out the rockyourdisneyside website and let us know who you’re dressing up as in the comment section below.

Want To Make This Summers Happening Then Have These Summer Holidays In Pune

If you are planning this summer’s to make special with your family and is worried that the place should be good or you wife your parents kids or brother sisters or friends would enjoy your relatives would give you blessings then target the summer holiday in pune. You will find this city this time worth fulfilling your dreams as per holiday is concerned. If you will see the state of Maharashtra then you will find Pune the second largest city and also most happening city where youth wants to go and live. If you will go to the pune you will come across various mountains which is merely situated along the western Ghats if you want this summer’s to be most remember able then you should have a phosphorous journey along the markets of pune you can also find the various types of travel guides which will generally help you to visit the place without any sever problems. So for this fun you just have to go for the Summer Holidays in Pune and you will spend one of the greatest times of your life.

If you will explore the Pune city then you will find Pune city which doesn’t sleep at night. If you want to enjoy the party time and various other part of life with your kids and family then Pune is the right place for you. Due to the peaceful environment and have a wonderful whether pune is the first love for the tourists and Maharashtra tourism is also increased a lot due to this. The state is so rich and famous that people says that it is one of the richest states of India and also have a very beautiful township. The state contains a lot of industries and also the film or bollywood industry which is one of the most famous in all over the world. If you are planning Summer Holiday in Pune then you could visit these areas and industries which also include the stardom with the film stars and TV stars too.

If you will ask for the Hindi film industry to anyone in this world then you would find an answer that it is one of the largest films making industry in world and therefore Pune is so rich in the tourism and also preserve the name and heritage of the motherland India. Pune is the city which offers a wide range and variety of tourism in itself there are range of places to travel like historical monuments and great and beautiful temples and variety caves through which nature are bestowing the beauty and also parks and gardens which really attracts the people most. Pune has a variety of places and which is divided into distinct categories and also different places which could bestow the beauty and give a lot of memories to the people so that after these holidays they remember them after completing.

Travelling to Canada for Your Holiday

If you are thinking of travelling this winter to escape the cold, you might want to consider a trip to Canada if you like travelling internationally. Canada, which shares a common heritage with Australia, has many natural wonders to visit as well as several lively cities with world class events happening nearly year round. Toronto, Ontario is the largest cities in Canada with plenty to do for the whole family.

Toronto sits on the banks of Lake Ontario, one of North America’s Great Lakes and is known as the cultural, entertainment and financial capital for the country of Canada. If you are travelling during the Australian winter, you are going to see the beauty of a Canadian summer in Toronto. There are several botanical gardens you can walk through and parks to enjoy while on your visit. If you arrive in June, there are several festivals in Toronto in which you can take part.

The Luminato is an arts festival where a multitude of disciplines are on display. They include dance, film, lectures, visual arts and more. June is also the time for the Toronto North by Northeast Music and Film Festival. So, if you enjoy hearing new music, this could be the time for you to pay a visit to Canada. There are many other festivals and events throughout the summer that appeal to all tastes if you can’t make a trip in June.

Since it is on the lake, you can take the ferry for a trip over to Prince Edward County and visit the sites there. It is only a day’s trip from either Toronto or Ottawa by ferry boat or you can make the trip by car. The county is known for being an artist’s haven and there are many artists studios and galleries you can visit. They also have some of the best beaches in Canada, as well as a wine region you can enjoy. Click here for more information on a trip to Toronto or Prince Edward County.

The Luminato is an arts festival where a multitude of disciplines are on display. They include dance, film, lectures, visual arts and more. June is also the time for the Toronto North by Northeast Music and Film Festival. So, if you enjoy hearing new music, this could be the time for you to pay a visit to Canada. There are many other festivals and events throughout the summer that appeal to all tastes if you can’t make a trip in June.

Since it is on the lake, you can take the ferry for a trip over to Prince Edward County and visit the sites there. It is only a day’s trip from either Toronto or Ottawa by ferry boat or you can make the trip by car. The county is known for being an artist’s haven and there are many artists studios and galleries you can visit. They also have some of the best beaches in Canada, as well as a wine region you can enjoy. Click here for more information on a trip to Toronto or Prince Edward County.

Spring break 2014: AAA poll shows Las Vegas as top travel location

If you live every day in a veritable paradise of sunshine, blue skies, and miles of warm beaches, where do you go from there for a vacation?

According to a March 12, report in Pacific Business News, a poll conducted by AAA-Hawaii, placed Las Vegas as the top travel location, for college spring break travel.

Reportedly, the poll found that 21 percent of spring break travelers are heading for the gambling capital of the United States, which is affectionately referred to as Hawaii’s ninth island.

Overall poll results:

Las Vegas, 21 percent
Big Island, 18 percent
Los Angeles, 17 percent
San Francisco, 16 percent
Oahu, 14 percent (outer-island travel)

The 2014 poll also shows a 19 percent increase over the 2013 poll, in the overall number of residents planning to travel during the next three-months.

According to AAA-Hawaii, “Overall, 54 percent of the people polled said that they are going to take at least one fun trip, a 19 percent increase over last year. Forty percent said they plan to take two trips.”

Mumbai Offers the Best Four Star Hotels for Travelers

The city of Mumbai is known to be the most happening city of the country due to its extremely fast-paced lifestyle. This city is known as the ‘kingdom that never sleeps’. Apart from being the financial capital of India, this city also is the hosting region for several tourist attractions that include the historical heritage sites, financial institutions and even the film city. Due to the presence of so many tourists spots n the city, it’s obvious that there will lot of tourists crowding in the city every single day. Thus, the city has a wide array of several luxury hotels in order to offer hospitality to all the tourists.

There are huge number of luxury hotels present in the city of Mumbai so that the guests ca find the most suitable one according to their demands and requirements. The tourists arriving in the city from all corners of the world are made available with several classes of hotels ranging from the five star deluxe hotels, the five star hotels, the four star hotels, the three star hotels and the rest of the Mumbai budget hotels.

There are three main hotels among the four star of hotels in Mumbai are highly preferred by most of the tourists. They are the Ambassador, the Bawa International and the Reganza, which are known to be the best in between the total lot of the hotels. Specially, experienced tourists recommend them for their excellent services.

However, rest of the four star hotels also offer a rich experience of hospitality to the tourists. The Ambassador, situated near the ‘business district in the Nariman point’ is known to be among the best hotels offering international hospitality to all the guests those boards in the hotel. The contemporary hotel has amazingly designed hundred and ten numbers of guest rooms. There are several categories of rooms where the guest rooms are divided. They are the executive rooms, superior rooms; studio rooms, premier rooms and presidential suites, and all of these seem to be well-equipped with all modern amenities.

The next best hotel that is preferred by the tourists at large is the Bawa Internationals. Among all the Mumbai hotels, this prestigious hotel owned by the renowned Bawa group is very famous among all the tourists. This hotel is the hosting region for seventy-two luxury guest rooms inclusive of the luxury suites. The special facilities, which characterize this contemporary hotel making it among the best, are the air-conditioning facilities, the color television in every room, wi-fi facility and several others. At the same time, your personal safety is also given much importance making this place the perfect place for all the tourists like you to stay.

The Reganza is the third best hotel among all the four star hotels in Mumbai. This hotel tends to be very famous because of its extremely organized and well-managed services that offer immense hospitality to its entire guests. This hotel specializes in its exclusive décor, both externally and internally, the color combinations of the rooms and the halls along with the extensively and elegantly designed and maintained guest rooms. These guest rooms have been divided into several categories that include the classic rooms, eleganza rooms, club prives and the peluche suites, which give the most luxurious hotel life that every trendy individual demands in today’s world.

Doug Manfrin named Executive Chef at Inn at Cedar Falls

The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, located in southeast Ohio’s stunning Hocking Hills region, announced today that Doug Manfrin has joined the Inn as Executive Chef. Manfrin will oversee all food and beverage operations at the award-winning country Inn, which is nationally known for its culinary focus. Manfrin will work with Inn gardener, Kellie Hutchison, to expand the Inn’s on-property gardens, developing menus and recipes based on produce and foraged ingredients produced on site or from local farms, forests and suppliers.

Residing with his wife, Melissa, on a 47-acre Hocking Hills farm, Manfrin says living on a farm gives him a truer understanding of and respect for how the best ingredients are produced.

“Just as a chef shepherds the kitchen, it takes a lot of work and passion to take a farm or garden where you want it to be,” Manfrin said. “I love growing ingredients that I can use both in my home kitchen and in recipes for the Inn’s guests.”

Innkeepers Ellen Grinsfelder and Terry Lingo expressed elation at the addition of Manfrin to the Inn’s culinary staff.
“Doug brings the perfect blend of both experience and passion to our team,” said Lingo. “He will be an asset to the restaurant and our entire business and we look forward to showcasing his fine food to our guests as he grows the Inn’s already-strong culinary offerings.”

Most recently, Manfrin served as Executive Chef for Sushi Rock Restaurant in Columbus’ Short North Arts & Entertainment District. In that role, he was responsible for creating and executing the menu, and supervising a staff of 10+ employees. Previously, Manfrin served as Sous Chef at Spagio in Columbus, as well as at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, WV. In addition, he worked as Executive Chef for the Sandstone Restaurant in the 1990s and has served in the U.S. Marine Corps. Manfrin attended Hocking College from 2009-2013, graduating with a degree in Culinary Arts and Baking. He is also proficient in technology, having attended Belmont Technical College.

A Hocking Hills Tourism Association Certified Green destination, The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls is located ½ mile above Hocking Hills’ scenic Cedar Falls. The region offers a variety of recreational opportunities including hiking, bird watching, canoeing and fishing, as well as exquisite photo opportunities. The Inn’s pampering spa offers a full complement of spa services, including couples massage, girlfriend getaways, bridal parties and group events. Fine American cuisine is the specialty at the Inn’s dining room and meals are prepared with the finest organic herbs, produce and ingredients. The Gathering Place at The Inn at Cedar Falls caters to weddings, family reunions, business retreats and organizational brainstorming sessions of up to 50 guests. Reservations and complete information on the Inn, Spa and Gathering Place are available at www.innatcedarfalls.com or 1-800-653-2557 (1-800-65-FALLS). The Inn is a member of Select Registry Distinguished Inns of North America.

Your own bed of nails at San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum: art history of yoga

Here in the West, the term Yoga brings to mind special sexy pants, healthy stretching, and meditation. But did you know that Yoga’s origins go back 2500 years when wandering ascetics from the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain religions looked for ways working with the body and breath to quiet the mind, to counter what the Buddhists call “Monkey Brain”? We’re all still working on that one, right?

“Yoga” in Sanskrit means “yoke” or “join,” referring to its basic concepts of stilling the mind and uniting mind, body, and spirit.

The Asian Art Museum’s exhibition, Yoga: The Art of Transformation will be on view in San Francisco February 21-May 25, 2014. Previously it was at the Smithsonian and next will travel to the Cleveland Museum of Art. Asian Art Museum director Jay Xu says: “We are honored to serve as the only West Coast venue in presenting this historic exhibition…illuminating aspects of yoga and its hidden histories to Bay Area audiences.”

Created in partnership with the Smithsonian, it is the world’s first major art exhibition that explores yoga’s history and art over its 2500 year history. The works from 2nd century through 20th century are drawn from twenty-five museums in India, Europe, and the U.S.
Displayed in three galleries and drawing from the perspectives of many disciplines including psychology, sociology, religion, and health, the presentation includes the Core Practices, Yogis and Place, and Contemporary Practices. The latter include contemporary focus on health as well as yoga in Hollywood films.

Some highlights of the exhibition include three stone yogini, or goddesses, from a 10th century South Indian temple. Combining the attributes of ferocity and gentleness, their loose flowing hair, and draped snakes indicate danger. They carry weapons as well as cups made from skulls filled with either blood or liquor. It’s interesting to note that after the 13th century yogini temples ceased to be built. Why did their female presence fall out of favor?

Artworks show various forms of yoga practice, including meditation and postures. Especially from the 17th through 20th centuries, the Western imagination was piqued by the sensationalism of partially naked yogis, with long matted hair, practicing extreme rituals, like lying on beds of nails and austerities–fasting, celibacy, and immobilizing the body in difficult positions–with cages on head and neck as well as nether parts. From around 1600, ten pages from the first illustrated book of yogic postures (asanas) is on display, as is a 1902 film by Thomas Edison, Hindoo Fakir.

In the final section of the exhibition, modern Yoga as we in the West know it, emerges with its aspects of health, fitness, and spiritual well-being. As you exit through the tempting bookstore and gift shop, the title of Robert Love’s book The Great Oom: The Improbably Birth of Yoga in America might catch your eye, as you hurry to your next yoga class–most likely sans bed of nails.

The Asian Art Museum’s exhibition, Yoga: The Art of Transformation will be on view in San Francisco February 21-May 25, 2014. Previously it was on view at the Smithsonian. Next it travels to the Cleveland Museum of Art
200 Larkin Street, San Francisco. www.askianart.org 415-581-3500