3 Money-Saving Tips on Car Rentals in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Winter is coming and for many commuters and travelers in the UAE, that means negotiating their car rental contracts, now that many are back from the refreshing Eid holiday. From loyalty programs to selecting the best pick-up location, there are a number of ways you can save money on your next rent a car.

Follow these three money-saving tips to get a better deal rent a car abu dhabi

Become a Loyal Customer

If you haven’t been renting a car from a particular dealer long enough and oral promises don’t work, try prepaying an additional sum to show your inclination of becoming a long-term client. Chances are that you could qualify for a loyal customer program. If however you have been renting a car from a company since 6 months or more, you could be in a position to receive discounts or free upgrades.

Zero-down on your Requirements

Determine ahead of time what ‘extras’ you may need and consider the costs so that they fit within your budget. Items to consider:

  • Car Size: Consider the size of the car you are renting. Do you really need that SUV if it’s just you and another partner traveling?
  • Insurance: Contact your travel insurance and credit card company to see if you already have enough coverage. Thirdly, look at available insurance options with the car rental provider. While insurance cover might be essential, you might not need the pricey full insurance option.
  • Mileage limit: Consider the distance you’d be driving every week and opt for a small mileage package if you need to move about short distances in Abu Dhabi. Be sure to check how much you’d be paying for the extra miles should the need arise.

Skip Renting from the Airport or Hotel

Ignore the car rental kiosks at the airport terminal or your hotel. You’ll surely be able to get a much more cost-effective deal if you Google “car rental companies in Abu Dhabi” from the airport or the country you’re traveling from before reaching Abu Dhabi. Try OneClickDrive.com to ease your search, communicate with the car rental dealers directly and have the car delivered straight to you at the airport arrival terminal.

For more information, visit OneClickDrive.com

Scotland Is in My Heart

My family own a a small number of wonderful little lodges in Scotland.. It’s really great to get out to them as much as possible, the walks round the local area really are a real challenge. This can be something I’ve been doing regularly for quite some time.

Many people enjoy walking inside the hills and countryside too and most people have their own personal reasons behind doing so. I’m a walker and also the lodges are only a stopping point; but it really is my own personal feeling that most people don’t fully appreciate what it is truly about. The amount of people who I meet just who have everything nevertheless the kitchen sink attached to their back appears to growing every year; they are often surprised at the lack of equipment i have and seem to think that I’m the amateur.

I think people who go walking now and then have a tendency to over complicate things. Walking might be about simply enjoy nature or it can be about getting back in touch with the inner self that yearns being at one with nature again. In the event you decided to vacation with me to my lodges in Scotland with the intention of walking and you take everything nevertheless the kitchen sink – i quickly think you don’t have the full advantage of why you are doing the work and I’d like to show you my methods.

You will find people like Bear Gryllis and Ray Mears who I really admire for survival skills. I really admire these folks for having these skills and I too happen to be trying to kindle this for several years now.. There is a thing indescribably soul fulfilling about having the ability to cook your personal food outdoors and acquire away from the luxury in our lodges in Scotland towards the highlands of Scotland or beyond and turn into under the stars in the make shift accommodation.

Here are some words of wisdom, you only grow whenever you push yourself. Push your safe place on a daily basis and life will reward you tenfold. I do this as often as possible and i also love it when life challenges me back. This is what I tell myself as much as I can when I go to my comfortable lodge in Scotland each year – I usually push the boundary on my walks and I’ll explain relating to this next.

It’s one thing being able to choose a challenging walk but try choosing other challenging tasks too. Having the ability to overcome adversity in fairly safe surroundings such as the local hills prepares you for the bigger challenges from the larger highlands and mountains. It is a life changing experience to trap and cook your own food, I realize some people could never do this. All of this will get you prepared for life itself, actually no, it really is LIFE ITSELF. Life is exactly what you make it and if you decide that everyday life involves challenging your survival skills on view countryside will be the thing to suit your needs then this will end up your life; anything else will be easy.

Try to pick out a walk or trip that challenges you merely beyond your rut; perhaps one which will involve a steep climb or stay out under the stars out of the luxury of a lodge or cabin. Scotland is a great location for this as well as the lodges in Scotland that our family own are based in Perthshire which is perfect for all types of terrain and challenges.

When I was in the army I was always told to keep in mind the 7 P’s. Prior preparation prevents p*ss poor performance (excuse the word what). It’s so true. Stay safe, be wise, policy for the best but prepare for the worst.

Online reservation of hotels in Canada

Located in the northern part of America, Canada is a popular tourist destination. The growth and development of Canada tourism can be attributed to the hotels in Canada which are known for their higher standard of hospitality service. Various Canada hotels provide a friendly ambiance to travelers so that travelers can enjoy seamless services provided round the clock. Strategically located hotels in Canada are known for offering all sorts of accommodation facilities to travelers.

Niagara Falls in the City of Ontario is a popular tourist attraction which according to some estimates attracts nearly 12 million visitors every year. Considered to be one of the most famous in the United States as well, Niagara is surrounded by a number of hotels in Canada which offer comprehensive range of accommodation facilities to travelers. Additionally, various hotels in Canada not only offer accommodation facilities at affordable tariff but also are considered amongst the best hotels.

In the era of internet, various hotels in Canada provide facility to do online reservation of hotels in Canada. All major hotels in Canada have well-appointed meeting rooms which not only accommodate any number of guests at one time; they also are able to facilitate gatherings and conferences. Travelers traveling to Canada have plenty of choices in terms of accommodation facilities in Canada and various cities in it.

Canada hotels reservation is easy and user friendly. Additionally, hotels in Canada are linked with each other and various travel agencies so that there is no issue regarding their availability. The accommodation in Canada hotels is not only comfortable but affordable also. In order to fascinate travelers from around the world, Canada hotels ensure that travelers have an unforgettable holiday experience in the country.

Canada hotels provide advance hotel reservations in Canada so that travelers do not face problem booking their hotel on their requirement. Additionally, with online hotel booking now travelers can book their hotel room instantly and enjoy a range of services offered by various hotels. A number of Canada hotels offer discounts depending upon the time of a year. In order to accommodate handicapped travelers, hotels in Canada provide special rooms.

Also known as Old Port, Vieux Port is a popular tourist attraction in Canada. Although, the riverfront is completely separate from the nearby Port of Montreal, it has its own distinct and attractive allure which attracts travelers from around the world. Stanley Park on the other hand is spread in more than 1,000 acre in the city limits of Vancouver. Wild animals such as cedars, hemlocks, and many others are common spotting of the park.

Honolulu 2014: Foodies travel guide to the best burgers

If you are planning your first trip to Honolulu, you may of taken the time to research the location a bit? If you didn’t, here’s the skinny on the tantalizing local food options to enjoy.

If you enjoy seafood you will find the freshest on the planet. It couldn’t be fresher if you caught it yourself. Fresh luscious fruit and produce grown locally and served up from the farm to the table.

After a few days of healthy wholesome eating, it’s time to sink your teeth into something hot and super meaty, the ultimate All American comfort food, a monster cheeseburger.

The featured cheeseburgers come in three sizes, large, extra-large and nearly competitive eating size. In no particular order, check out these meaty delights.

Big City Diner, with several locations around Honolulu, offers a spicy Korean Kimchee burger, served with the restaurant’s signature “Grandma’s Famous” Kimchee fried rice. You can literally walk up to any local on the island and ask, where can I find the best Kimchee fried rice? Big City Diner, every time.(Casual Attire.)

The Plumeria Beach House restaurant at the lavish Kahala Resort in Honolulu, offers a signature Kahala Burger. The cheeseburger is masterpiece of ground black angus chuck, topped with a fried egg, white cheddar cheese, chunky avocado guacamole, bacon, shaved onions, all propped on a sesame bun, served with smoked paprika seasoned fries.

Once you try the Kahala Burger you will crave it again! Be prepared to make a second visit for a second-round before you depart from the island. (Stylish island attire.)

Stage Restaurant is atop the Honolulu Design Center, offers a decadent mushroom, bacon, cheddar burger. The burger is made with certified angus beef, sautéed mushrooms, crispy Maui onion “rings”, bacon, swiss & cheddar cheeses on a house made bun with black pepper aioli. The Stage Burger is big, hearty and so delicious, right down to the last bite. (Stylish island attire.)

Teddy’s Bigger Burger, with several locations around the island, is the primo go big or go home, cheeseburger in paradise. The cover photo of the article features Teddy’s Tokyo Tower Burger. This behemoth of a burger is a “Man VS Food” worthy tower of beef, cheeses, battered onion rings, bacon, slabs of avocado slices, chucks of bleu cheese and all of the usual fixings. Teddy’s Tokyo Tower Burger is for a Godzilla size appetite.(Casual Attire.)

The Best House for Rent in Canada

Want a house for rent in Canada? Here is a suggestion for best and affordable condo for rent in the best cities of Canada. This country is known country of longest in the world. It has the longest street, longest tower and also one of the finest universities of the world. You can easily find an affordable condo for rent in Toronto, the heart of Canada. All the largest things mentioned previously are present in this Toronto city. There are different guest houses available in the Toronto city for rent. Scan Canada Guest house is one of them.

While traveling if you find perfect and affordable house for rent in Canada, especially in Toronto, then nothing is better than Scan Canada. The prices of this guest house are easily affordable by a traveler even a general people. Whatever you want, room or affordable condo for rent, and they will provide you the best in reasonable
price; so that your experience of living in Toronto will remain in your good memories.

Once you take a room or a condo unit for rent, you will be credited with every type of comfort from the authority. You can enjoy different facilities like radio alarm clock, high speed internet, dryer & washer, fully furnished kitchen and iron with ironing board. They are very much conscious about the client satisfaction.

You will get numbers of accommodations after booking an affordable condo for rent. Here is a brief description of those accommodations:

  1. They provide the best housing facilities in the lowest cost, which cannot be given by any other guest house in the country. Their main office is located in the great and one of the most important cities in Canada. The spots matters here for the guest houses and this in the perfect.
  2. You will get transports for going somewhere right in front of the guest house and the shopping mall is just a minute walk from the room.
  3. You will get all other luxurious facilities in this guest house in that same price.
  4. If you are new in Canada, if you don’t know where to go and how to go, then don’t hesitate. The representatives from Scan Canada will reach the airport before you land, and welcome you in the country. And then he will guide you to the guest house.

Here is the list of facilities provided by Scan Canada:

  1. Radio Alarm Clock
  2. High Speed Internet Service
  3. More than 20 TV channels
  4. Iron and ironing board
  5. Dryer and washer
  6. Fully Furnished Kitchen

This is a brief description of the benefits taking house for rent in Canada. So don’t think too much, just rush to your nearest traveling companies and book your affordable condo for rent in Toronto and enjoy the facilities at the time of traveling there. Even you do not need to consult with any travel agent you can book your best room or condo by your own through internet from your computer.

Why Bangkok Is The Greatest Selection For Enjoying Nightlife

Bangkok, the glamorous city with a stunning evening horizon, lit up roads, shops and extremely amazing night life with discos, parties and shopping is among the most preferred vacation venues in Southeast Asia nowadays. Night life in Bangkok is lively, very appealing and enthusiastic and it makes the site visitors stay on the streets till darkness begins fading on the sky. But exactly what makes Bangkok night life various and so unique from nightlife in lots of various other spots? Well there could be numerous factors behind the appeal of Bangkok for its night life.The most significant reason is certainly the fact that a night on Bangkok roads is interesting for people of every ages. It doesn’t issue whether you are taking the elderly members of your household on a Bangkok excursion. You can take them for a boat trip, a blossom market or places around the temples.

For children there are many spots in different components of Bangkok where you would have a golden time. You can take your household for a tuk tuk ride and if pals or workplace coworkers have actually come for a see to your city, there are countless bars and bars where you can take them. Second vital reason why Bangkok is much more proffered nightlife location compared to lots of various other places is that right here no one cares just what you are enduring a party. Everyone has got individual tastes and Bangkok is a city where your options are not laughed at. You can sign up with a party with definitely any outfit of your choice. Third factor why you would certainly take pleasure in night life in Bangkok City more compared to that of other places is accessibility of buddies and close friends. In Bangkok, folks begin interacting with unfamiliar people at one club, after that develop a team and shift to various other venues, acquire closer and finish up the night with exchanging contact information.

At Bangkok, money crunch can never be a challenge between you and joy. There are many van bars that could give you with the exact same delight if your pocketbook doesn’t permit you to get in an expensive bar. The VW Van Bars are mobile bars established on vehicles with open roof leading and went down glass. Might not look as sophisticated as the sophisticated bars but they absolutely offer you a charm. These van bars serve extensive assortment of alcoholic beverages and you make sure to find one of your choice.Road food is certainly a bog reason Bangkok has the very best night life. There are countless dining establishments serving dishes from varied cuisines as well as hawker stalls where mouthwatering specials are offered at far cheaper costs. Bangkok is known for its tolerance of varied lifestyles and is a place where, ladies, gents, gays and transgender all could appreciate life easily.No need to really feel dissatisfied if nightclub and bars are not your means of enjoying. There are a number of bowling allays by different streets of Bangkok where you could appreciate your time. These allays likewise offer beer which contribute to the enjoyment of the task. Roof-top bars are additionally a big destination of Bangkok nightlife. Located on the leading of looming structures, the roof-top bars do not simply provide drinks however also a stunning bird eye perspective of the city. Pleasant winter months is likewise a large reason Bangkok is a much better option for nightlife. You can stroll on Bangkok Thailand on the coldest nights. An additional exciting thing about night life in Bangkok is that here you can see celebs agitating their physical body with the tempo of music and bars.

Personalities in Bangkok do not mind the existence of man in the streets and hence security strictness is minimum below. Bangkok, the attractive city with a sensational evening skyline, illuminated roads, shops and super interesting night life with nightclubs, celebrations and buying is amongst the most well-liked Bangkok Thailand Weather in Southeast Asia these days. Exactly what makes Bangkok nightlife various and so unique from nightlife in lots of other places? 3rd factor why you would certainly appreciate night life in Bangkok City much more than that of various other locations is accessibility of companions and pals. Roof-top bars are additionally a big tourist attraction of Bangkok night life. One more exciting point regarding nightlife in Bangkok is that below you can see personalities trembling up their body with the rhythm of music and bars.

N.C. lures beer lovers to the state with craft brew special events

North Carolinians may have a love for craft beer year-round, but N.C. tourism officials have designated April as NC Beer Month in hopes of luring more beer-loving tourists to the state.

“North Carolina’s profile as a destination for beer lovers has risen dramatically in the past decade,” stated Beth Gargan, Spokesperson with the North Carolina Division of Tourism. “With more than triple the number of craft breweries, North Carolina ranks 10th nationally and has the most breweries of any state east of Texas and south of Pennsylvania, according to 2012 figures from the Brewers Association.”

Throughout the month of April, cities and towns across North Carolina will celebrate the craftsmanship of 100 breweries and destinations that embrace it.

Tourism officials believe that a month especially dedicated to beer promotion will attract craft brew lovers to the state. These are just some of the highlights of what travelers can expect to find when they travel to the Tar Heel state in April, 2014.

Kinston Beer Weekend: Three-day event featuring a beer dinner (Chef & the Farmer with Mother Earth Brewing); a downtown Barbecue, Oysters & Beer Bash; Mother Earth Brewing’s Neuse River Brews Cruise; and breakfast on the world’s only full-size replica of a Confederate ironclad.

Blowing Rock Beer Retreat: An overnight stay at Blowing Rock Ale House & Inn with dining at the Ale House Restaurant and a class with the Blowing Rock Ale brewery.

Mountain getaways: Savings of 25 percent on lodging, food and recreation (mountain biking, zip lining, kayaking and more) from a host of businesses in Brevard. And near Sylva, specials on a stay at Sunset Farm Cabins plus a tour of Heinzelmännchen Brewery, two engraved sports mugs and a copy of “Your Gnometown Cookbook.”

Beer dinners: Including Good Food Award winner Sean Lily Wilson (Fullsteam) with James Beard award winner Andrea Reusing (Lantern) in Chapel Hill; Aviator Beer Co. with Carolina Crossroads in Chapel Hill; and Heinzelmännchen Brewery and Innovation Brewing with City Lights Café in Sylva.

Hickory Hops: Festival featuring broad representation of North Carolina craft beer, with 50 to 60 microbreweries and the Carolinas Championship of Beer.

World Beer Festival Raleigh and Brewgaloo: Two festivals showcasing the range of taste in the Capital City, the first offering North Carolina beer in an international context, the second zeroing in on the local — craft beer, food trucks and entertainment.

New releases: A Scotch ale from Highland Brewing in Asheville, kicking off its “20 Beers for 20 Years” anniversary celebration. Also, new releases from Deep River Brewing in Clayton, marking its one-year anniversary; Tripel Overhead Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Tripel at Mother Earth Brewing in Kinston; and a raspberry wheat collaboration from Heinzelmännchen Brewery and Innovation Brewing in Sylva.

Taverns and Trolleys: Tour through historic Edenton for a view of Colonial America’s connection to beer and drinking culture. Also on tap: Brews on the Bay, a pig picking with craft beer, and Boogie on Broad with The Embers, a bayside street dance.

Downtown Walkabout: An afternoon stroll through the quaint mountain town of Blowing Rock for local beer samples, treats, entertainment and special

NC Beer Month is co-sponsored by the North Carolina Division of Tourism and the North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild.

Visit NCBeerMonth.com between now and the end of April to tap into celebrations from the mountains to the coast. For a map of the state’s breweries, check out NCBeer.org. And for travel planning, head to VisitNC.com. Also, check out this blog by the N.C. Beer Guys, the entire blog is devoted to beer crafted in North Carolina.

Luxurious Vacation Advise: Places To Travel In Canada

This country is famous for its distinctiveness and natural beauty. You’re given the opportunity to relish Canada’s rich cultural customs, elegant multicultural look, shopping markets, outdoor recreation and environmental excursions. Furthermore, you are able to pick from a huge set of food and wine places which will certainly help you match your palate’s longing for great food.

In regards to city adventures, many cities are on top of the list. Vancouver provides vacation goers with sophisticated water and mountain views that is overflowing with various entertainment for tourists of every age group. The city’s key tourist attractions can be conveniently traveled to by foot and also the metropolis is overflowing with world-class hotels. This place is jam-packed with a range of fun filled recreational activities ranging from enjoying the picturesque view of the mountains to the hype delivered by the city’s nightlife.

Toronto, which is the capital of Canada, is a favorite location for vacation goers who wish to experience a soothing and exquisite holiday adventure. The cool waters in the city gives travelers the splendor of the seashore. You will feel the wonderful need to walk the metropolis because of the classy multicultural attractiveness which the city gives. You’ll also indulge in the several restaurants, nightclubs and movie theaters which would enable you to desire to remain in the metropolis for a longer time. You will get to comprehend the splendor of the city even during the night as a result of the numerous locations which you are able to visit.

If you prefer history and you prefer to understand how these areas look like then the perfect place for you to see is Quebec. Feel the fantastic lifestyle comparable to Paris by indulging in freshly baked bread along with the fascinating scent of brewing coffee. You’ll also get the chance to love over 400 festivals all year round. The metropolis delivers you a broad range of practical, affordable and quality accommodation. You can even have fun with the city without obtaining a rental car because you could walk around the city and arrive at one tourist friendly place then to a different one.

The capital of Nova Scotia, Halifax, is likewise on top of the list in relation to luxury travel places. It features various top sites which illustrates the city’s vibrant history. You are able to take pleasure from numerous gatherings, museums and shows. You may also love in the city’s popular seafood dishes and enjoy the exquisite views of the harbor that is offered by a number of eating places within the city.

Niagara Falls is a must see destination in Canada. This favorite site is proven to be one of the leading natural wonders all over the world. This was once an exquisite honeymoon destination for couples that are immediately furthermore one of the most preferred places of families who wishes to enjoy a wonderful excursion with their spouse and children.

Adventure seekers will likewise get to have fun with Calgary. This place is acknowledged for hosting the Fifteenth Olympic Winter Games. In terms of winter sports activities and ecotourism, this is the finest area to go. You’ll be brimmed over with different celebration which will absolutely fulfill the passions of various vacation goers. This place is moreover known for providing various kinds of mountain resorts which couples, group of friends and also families would surely enjoy.

Also, when it comes to touring to Canada, Ottawa should in addition be part of your listing. Travel and leisure is the center of this location. You wouldn’t be left with dullness because this area has numerous exquisite attractions which are only a few strolls apart from one another. The two of its most well-liked attractions are the Parliament Hill and also the Rideau Canal. You are able to in addition head over to these areas cost-free. For individuals who are lovers of art, you will delight in their high quality exhibits that you will discover in their word class museums and galleries.

These are only some of the interesting areas where you may head out to when you visit Canada. This could be very easy particularly should you have already been in and out of this area. If you are novice travelers to Canada, it would be beneficial if you have a short list of all the areas which you intend to check out. This would aid you in considering and planning your getaway. In addition, this will help you in ensuring that you get the most out of your travel experience to these fantastic places.

Visit San Diego – America’s sunny and happy city

Want a break from the interminable slush and dreary over-cast days of the northeast? Sure, there are Hawaii, the Bahamas, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. But you can also stay on the mainland and visit San Diego, in all its sunny glory. San Diego’s fragrant, fresh air and spectacular landscapes are a vacation in themselves – yes – just breathing in the aromatic air and looking at the views are enough to melt the soul and relax the spirit. Anyone who has spent a winter in Boston would understand.

San Diego has so much to offer, including – but not limited to – the beaches (arguably some of the best in the world), spectacular outdoor city parks (arguably some of the best in the world), a world-famous zoo (arguably THE best in the world), a world-famous wine region, breweries galore, hiking, mountain regions, wildlife you can get so very close to; and awesome, fresh, healthy food (and yes, for all those mentioned that did not include brackets – they are also arguably some of the best in the world!).

Hire the Best Travel Agency for Your Tour and Travel Arrangements

When you arrange a vacation to another country, the primary tip is ‘get yourself a good travel company’. In this case, we are talking concerning India and if you propose a visit to this country there are several agencies, and contacting them for your travel will prove very useful.

Traveling a completely different country on your own is audacious however hiring travel company is often advisable because it’s terribly tough and risky too. Thus while designing a visit to the Indian nation; you ought to continually bear the check list of travel agents which can assist you lots in your travel.

The travel guides inform you concerning numerous tour packages in India and you can truly decide and opt for packages in line with the destination you would like to go to and in line with your budget. You can take an appropriate itinerary that provides you with the schedule of travel and might create your visits fascinating and amazing.

With so many tourist places and attractions India offers for the travelers, people simply ought to decide the destination they need to go to. Travel agents have packages for movement throughout the country and explore the country from the interiors yet. Traveling through a broker is often useful because they need ample expertise in composing tours and that they will create your stay an unforgettable one with outstanding services.

It has become terribly straightforward to travel with a varied vary of packages to settle on from. There are several tour packages agencies are given with and tourists will depend upon them for a cushy stay in India. Getting a guide from an agency is the best method to travel in India to avoid any issues which may arise for a traveler from a distant land. Instead of moving into the hassle of composing everything on your own and left in the lurch at the last moment, you ought to create the smart call of hiring a broker.

Many travel agents or companies give you discounts on vacation packages India and availing of such opportunities for touring or traveling goes straightforward in your pocket and supply you with similar edges as in the other travel.

Apart from the vacation packages, agencies conjointly come back up with different offers as business tour packages that prove useful for business travelers to India.

Also, agencies come back up with honeymoon packages India that provides the couples with comfy keep and visit their desired destination.

Therefore, while planning or arranging a visit to India next time, be it vacation or work, let the travel agents or agency handle all of your headaches for travel, thus you can do exactly what you needed to, relax.

Free Air Travel, Free Hotels and Free Car Rentals

Free Travel, Free Hotels and Free Car Rentals are possible. This is an amazing opportunity from American Express Canada to Refer-A-Friend. Get up to 30,000 points very quickly with just 1 credit card application. Get another 25,000 with another, 15,000 with another and so on.

This is an amazing way to “rack up” some TRAVEL POINTS FOR FREE. American Express has several cards, most of them have the first year’s fee waived. Then you can start traveling for free! This is also a great opportunity to fly in Business Class, First Class or Premium Economy.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to fly for free. Or if you prefer, you can also get FREE HOTELS or FREE CAR RENTALS.

And start enjoying the good life thanks to American Express Refer-A-Friend.

Here are all the Bonuses:

  • The Platinum Card

Complimentary airport lounge access world-wide through the Platinum Lounge Benefit1 and the Airport Club Program. Earn 1.25 Membership Rewards points for every dollar in purchases charged to your Platinum Card.

You can earn up to 30,000 bonus Membership Rewards points. Earn 10,000 bonus Membership Rewards points upon first use of the Card and 20,000 points when you charge $500 in purchases to the Card in the first 3 months of Card membership.

  • The American Express Gold Rewards Card

Earn double points on eligible travel and everyday purchases. Travel whenever, wherever, however you like with Trip Flex TM rewards. Transfer your points one-to-one to Aeroplan. Travel Insurances and Services that can give you the peace of mind to experience all of the adventures ahead of you.No annual fee for the first year. A savings of $150

You can earn 15,000 bonus Membership Rewards points when you charge $500 in purchases to your Card in the first 3 months of Card membership, plus you pay no annual fee for the first year

  • The American Express Business Gold Rewards Card

No limit to the number of Membership Rewards points you can earn, plus earn up to 40,000 bonus points each year. Book any travel you can find, then call us to pay for it with points, taxes and fees too,2 or transfer your points one to one to Aeroplan. $180 annual fee waived for the first year (30% annual interest rate applies to balances not paid in full).

Earn 25,000 bonus Membership Rewards points when you charge $3,000 in purchases to your Card in the first 3 months of Card membership, plus pay no annual fee for the first year.